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21 marzo 2017

why is stone butch blues so expensive

Welcome back. This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject. But later and lately that changed and I'm very interested in queer history. Do we reward authors with great technical ability, authors whose control of language is so commanding that their stories live and breathe? there is no other book, in my opinion, that divides a class so radically -- some students love this book and cant stop reading it, despite acknowledging that it is one depressing representation of americas history of hatred against those who live outside of the gender binary, and others hate it for the writing style, which is admittedly not the most sophisticated out there. This internationally acclaimed novel looks at the world through the eyes of Jess Goldberg, a masculine girl growing up in the "Ozzie and Harriet" McCarthy era and coming out as a young butch lesbian in the pre-Stonewall gay drag bars of a blue-collar town. I don't think I've cried so much on public transport reading anything. Welcome!

This once-underground classic takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride of gender transformation and exploration and ultimately speaks to the heart of anyone who has ever suffered or gloried in being different.I know this is an old question, but you might find something at universities or colleges that have a queer or gender studies department.

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It takes me months to finish a book anymore.


My problem with Stone Butch Blues is that it is not very well written.

I'm finding myself unable to say anything significant about it without using the complicated words and phrasings that used to pour out of me and are now tired and dusty and put away somewhere inaccessible. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone and everyone!Leslie Feinberg's novel is one of those books that pops up on lists of influential or otherwise 'Must Read' books over and over again.

In Stone Butch Blues, Feinberg’s character Jess eventually stops taking hormone replacement therapy after realizing that ze prefers to live as a gender-nonconforming person, even if it means risking violence. But I HAD to give 5-stars to this book. Do we simply give perfect scores to books because we like them? I'm not that kind of a reader/person.

There is just so much going on here and an old subculture that I think is often misunderstood is portrayed beautifully. I'm not that kind of a reader/person. I don't think I've cried so much on public transport reading anything. Utterly heartbreaking at times, this book will take you through the entireI do not give many 5-star ratings just because I consider a 5-star rating to be hard to attain by anyone.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It's a difficult story to read - my teenage self imagined it set in such a distant past. Here you have women and men who risk not only being arrested for being in the gay bars but tortured and raped, they know this will happen to them but they still go as it's the only place they can be themselves. I run around with ten projects on the go every day, and when I try to relax at night by reading I just look through the page and don't absorb a thing. I’ve always heard guys talk about bullies and getting beat-up….but never have I seen it….yet the stories continue to flow, this time not from your average ‘guy’. Neither of them are legible to the cisgender, straight world around them.

But i have to say besides all the reasons everyone loves this book I remember the exact moment I read the opening letter in this book and how I was totally blown away.

. I moved this to the top of my to-read list after seeing the outpouring of love and grief after her recent death from among so many of my friends, and now I too can mourn her properly. A nice exploration, from a perspective other than mine, of what it means to be a female, a male, gay, lesbian, transgendered, all of thI’m comforted by how lonely every person’s day to day life can be, and the phases of success and depression that the main character goes through. Stone Butch Blues traces a propulsive journey, powerfully evoking history and politics while portraying Woman or man?

Continue to be startled at how violent our world can be.

It wasn't easy to read though, if only because we live in a society that reacts with horrifying fear and violence to difference -- something that thankfully is changing, and all because of women like Leslie Feinberg.

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