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21 marzo 2017

precipice blades vs earthquake

I usually follow Power>Accuracy on those kinds of moves. Origin pulse is 9.2% better than Hydro Pump. Personally im hoping what they do is they dont release precipice blades or origin pulse for groudon and kyogre, rather what they do is when they primal revert (if that add this) earthquake becomes precipice blades and hydropump becomes origin pulse. Just give us a cool sounding attack with a sweet animation, please!I'm thinking that maybe when Groudon leaves on January 15th, they could replace Earthquake with Precipice Blades in order to make the raids easier because as it stands Precipice Blades is an insanely powerful move.Maybe Precipice Blades are exclusive to party hat GroudonALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN FOR PARTY HAT GROUDON!!! share. It can throw your checks and counters for a loop - Rock Polish / Lava Plume / Toxic / Stone Edge / Rock Tomb / Overheat / Thunder Wave / Stealth Rock / Dragon Tail / whatever Alright so its fire STAB hurts almost as much as ZardY's so its dmg is pretty legit. It comes with many different servers and a plethora of features such as fan-made tiers and chatrooms to fit your style. On the bright… Waterfall Gyarados would've be indirectly responsible for most of those too, considering how good it is, and how frequently it'll be used against Groudon.Too bad we're only a month away from it being more than likely dethroned by WF/HP Kyogre...Talking in our raid group, I said something similar earlier. Personally im hoping what they do is they dont release precipice blades or origin pulse for groudon and kyogre, rather what they do is when they primal revert (if that add this) earthquake becomes precipice blades and hydropump becomes origin pulse. 3 hours ago Lua | We still have 45 minutes before the first spawn. Just because a move is new doesn't mean it won't make into the game - the Fairy type didn't even exist before 6th gen, and other late added moves like Wild Charge are in the game. ... - Earthquake - Substitute - Screech - Toxic . *You’ve waited and waited to get that legendary Pokémon and you finally take it into… Except for Gyarados, who incidentally is now hands down the top Groudon counter and the missing piece to make all T3's soloable.Interestingly enough, Groudon itself would've been the key to soloing a Jolteon raid.

That move belongs to the ORAS games.Precipice Blades (and Origin Pulse) are moves added in the 6th gen remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
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Anyways Niantic isnt gonna make new mons progressively weaker than the mons before them. Secondary Effect: Effect Rate: No effect. save hide report. Half of this game is managing ur resources and maximizing ur returns at least for skilled trainers. 76+ Atk Groudon Precipice Blades vs. 244 HP / 4 Def Dialga: 144-170 (69.9 - 82.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO -1 76+ Atk Groudon Precipice Blades vs. 244 HP / 4 Def Dialga: 96-114 (46.6 - 55.3%) -- 62.5% chance to 2HKO . Vs 252/0 Cresselia: (262 - 310 HP) Damage: 59.01% - 69.82% Vs 252/0 Lugia: (226 - 267 HP) Damage: 54.33% - 64.18% Vs 252/0 Arceus (Neutral dmg): (282 - 333 HP) Damage: 63.51% - 75% Vs 252/0 Groudon (Regular Groudon): (360 - 424 HP) Damage: 89.11% - 104.95% | 31.25% Chance to OHKO Vs 248/0 Yveltal (Phys Def Yveltal): (336 - 396 HP) Damage: 73.85% - 87.03% Multiply the above damages by ~1.18 to get Overheat damage (hint: it solidly OHKOes regular Groudon) Vs 0/0- Giratina-O: (252 - 298 HP) Damage: 57.14% - 67.57% Vs 128/0 Giratina-O: (226 - 268 HP) Damage: 47.78% - 56.66% Vs 0/0 Mega Rayquaza: (226 - 268 HP) Damage: 64.39% - 76.35% Vs 0/0 Rayquaza: (248 - 292 HP) Damage: 70.66% - 83.19% Even without investment, Precipice Blades still does as much damage as a STABed EQ with 475 Attack, enough to leave massive dents on most things, especially Dialga and Kyogre. September Research Breakthrough, Raid Bosses, Spotlight Hours Announc… Other than that and the types, the moves are identical, so why would Groudon's move be designed to have the slightly higher power? There is a clear solution.

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