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21 marzo 2017

ocp vs multicam

While the traditional Transitional MC looks washed out over the MC Tropic, it really looks quite good over the MC Arid. )the-same in appearance but NOT RED. Can congress pass a law mandating uniform standardization or can they only rely on the power of the purse? Crye worked anon contract for the government to develop Scorpion, meaning it was work for hire and, from the onset, government spec work and in the public domain. Not because I have a dog in the fight at all (I’m not in the military), but I have found SSD’s following of this both maddening and commical, and ultimately sad.
I’m on Crye’s side when it comes to this whole copyright/patent mess. However, MultiCam is a brand name of a commercially available pattern, … At least, that was the impression I was getting at the time. When a notice an article like this, I’ll tag it for the good info that often surfaces in the discussion (like additional details that may not have made it into the original post, further background, etc). The Courts will love this.Only if they can convince the courts that intellectual property is something it isn’t, when really it isn’t “property” so much as a limited duration monopoly protected by the government’s court system . You copyright works of art.Now, COL Robert Mortlock says you can’t protect colors. Not to be too OCD about it…SSD, do you think that with the subtle differences between Multicam and Scorpion W2, that Scorpion W2 may not be as combat effective as Multicam?Am I taking crazy pills or what? Cry subsequently made changes to claim various trademark, copyright and patent claims (can’t remember the exact mechanism and can’t find the lawsuit where they set it all out) and tried to bar use.He also called it ACU, which is he uniform not the pattern according to the Army. Thats why I’ve long been opposed to the Army’s use of public funds to attempt to replicate something that already exists. Multicam/OEF-CP vs OCP. On the other hand, I’m also on Joe’s side, so let’s just get whichever works BEST.I’ve never seen anything official but I’ve heard through the rumor mill that the Army didn’t approach Congress with scorpion being a pre-existing pattern but rather a pattern that all services would adopt.My reading of the latest relevant legislation is that the justification need only be that other services “could” adopt in the future as an option whereas the original amendment required the justification to be that other services “would” adopt as a matter of course. MultiCam) and the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP, i.e. Got it.That is, unless the particular OCP to which you are referring is, in fact, Multicam. share. Pass the popcorn, please.Except the USMC is part of the gov’t, not an American company, so who cares about their butthurt whining.Still don’t know why the Army would want to use either MARPAT or the old M81 Woodland and Desert patterns, since they shown that “legally” they can change Scorpion at will. Here’s a side by side of the two. I’ve done several web searches and haven’t found anything, at least not since you published their response back in March 2014. Simple – just hide the EGA and call the pattern something else. Unfortunately, licensing negotiations between the Army and Crye Precision to field MultiCam to the entire force stalled last Spring due to Army inaction, resulting instead in the Army choosing to field a So you can refer to multicam as OCP, but you better NOT refer to OCP as multicam.
Looks like history is about to be repeated.BTW, part of the reason the Corps was having problems with the SAW was they were replacing them much more slowly than the Army was…In the end the Corps created a problem for the M27 to solve and got an HK416 in the supply chain. Just like in any line unit some leaders listen better than others as well as some subordinates do better jobs than others (of course the senior leader is always responsible for any subordinates shortcoming, at least that’s the way it used to be).One factor that is just incredibly difficult to capture and just about invisible outside of the Pentagon is the games branches play with each other. Their inaction besides a sour-grapes press release proves my point – they have no legal recourse.Once you connect those two dots, your conspiracy theories disintegrate and everything the Army has done in this case turns into good practices and proper due diligence. The Air Force/Army can wear Multicam or Scorpion while in CENTCOM.. the Army folks are only authorized to wear the Multicam Pattern until October this year. After the Air Force accomplished their goal what did they do? You patent patterns. The MC/OCP Transitional will look really washed out and odd over either MARPAT, M81, or the NWU/AOR patterns. That’s why we have drones specifically predators at the unit level. Didn’t he say that the Phase IV winner wouldn’t be branded but that the Army was developing the new camo with the other branches of service in mind? Regardless of personal opinions of the platform that won, it was the platform that preformed the best in their tests.

Only to be sort of resurrected (sort of) this year? “What is the difference between OCP and Mulitcam camouflage?” Depends on who you talk to.

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