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21 marzo 2017

merino sheep for sale washington state

The average adult yearly fleece total weighs 4-7 lbs. Many of our sheep have solid patterns or large spots, but there are a few who have this type of spotting in their undercoat. Quality Icelandic Sheep and English Shepherds . As their fleece grows out it looks white (sometimes with large dark spots ). We call this picture "shearing a dalmatian".Rio is a tri-colored English Shepherd, from Nelson and Annie at Blueberry Hill English Shepherds. SASP works directly and indirectly to improve the sheep industry in the greater Spokane area by co-operating with The Washington State Sheep Producers, Washington State University, University of Idaho, and the Department of Agriculture. Due to Covid-19 limitations, our Annual Ram & Ewe (in-person) July Sale was cancelled. We shear the goats twice a year, and the sheep each spring. All sheep sold are either lambs or yearlings. Stay tuned for another possible litter summer 2021.

According to the Icelandic Sheep Breeders of America:  " The Icelandic sheep produces a premium fleece. Huacaya Alpacas and Toggenburg & Nubian goats. 198 Immel Road/PO Box 97, Spring Mills, PA 16875 - (814) 422-8041 - janjenkins416@gmail.com We raise Jacob sheep and naturally Colored Angora Goats. We keep our flock small intentionally, selecting only the best breeding stock to continue. We collaborate at shearing time, support each other during lambing season, and work together to effectively care for our flocks and meet our customer's needs, If we don't have the animal you are looking for, one of our neighboring farms just might!Please contact us with any questions or for more information about our animals.

The sheep are sheared again in the fall to harvest the fleeces before the animals go on hay for the winter. We apologize for the inconvenience but stay tuned as plans are already underway for the 2021 sale and we hope to see you all there.Congratulations to our Make it With Wool State Finalists!

Fen Farm is a small family farm.

Due to Covid-19 limitations, our Annual Ram & Ewe (in-person) July Sale was cancelled. Producers often shear their Icelandics twice a year. Consignors were refunded entry fees, but as a consolation, we have listed their sale sheep during the month of July on the Ram Sale page (updated 7/16/20 .

Catawampus Farm is run by a fiber addict and her patient spouse (who prefers woodworking).

The fleece is dual coated, with a fine, soft undercoat called thel and a longer, coarser outer coat called tog. The tog is similar to mohair; wavy or corkscrewed rather than crimped and is wonderful in worsted spinning.The versatility of the wool, the ease of spinning and the wide variation of tones and colors are a true delight to handspinners, and put Icelandic wool into the exotic or premium category. This sale is held in high regard with a strict sifting committee and health standards of all sheep consigned. Thel is the soft downy undercoat, with a spinning count of 64-70 and a micron count of 19-22, growing to a length of 2-4".

We are currently comprised of three separate small family farms within a few miles of each other who support each other in our goals to raise happy and healthy Icelandic Sheep.

Each fall we offer delicious, fresh, locally pastured Icelandic Sheep Wool is amazing!

We are located in the farmlands west of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State.

The traditional lopi is a lightly spun blend of tog and thel. With the combination of the economic and market advantages of grass fed farming, and with the appeal of the delicious flavor, the Icelandic breed is a natural for direct-to-consumer marketing."

Tog grows from the primary hair follicles and the thel from the secondary follicles. the sheep community of Washington State.

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