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21 marzo 2017

janet rushmore you keep me hangin on other recordings of this song

But the duo recorded some of the best music of the 1960s, highlighted by “River Deep – Mountain High,” a wizardly display of soul-pop produced by Phil Spector.With 1958’s “All I Have to Do Is Dream,” The Everly Brothers broke away from traditional pop vocal styles, crafting jangle pop, a style that would go on to influence the likes of the Beatles and the Byrds.You certainly know what you’re getting into once those opening drums hit on “Midnight Train to Georgia.” Then it’s the Gladys Knight show, as she basks in the glory of perfectly written tune with her greatest vocal performance.The gunshots heard at the start of Metallica’s “One” aren’t the most menacing thing about the song. It's a feat that's gone ummatched.“Vogue’s” music video gets a ton of credit for its style and choreography, and rightfully so. The fact that Sly and the Family Stone was able to build a new genre while crafting hit songs like “Everyday People” is nothing short of extraordinary.It’s one of the most recognizable love songs of all time and the song you can point to when explaining Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound production that captivated audiences during the 1960s.Bo Diddley might be one of the most underappreciated pioneers in music history. In the same year the band re-recorded this song in English as "99 Red Balloons". Thanks Paul and finally we have a decent scan of the artwork. POR CASUALIDAD TIENES STONE LA VERSIÓN EXTENDED…Nine minutes! But it’s also the track that best showcases Jackson Browne’s songwriting legacy. California Dreamin; 15. “Vogue” became a phenomenon both on MTV and in clubs everywhere.The legendary Jackie Wilson’s most vibrant song is one of the greatest examples of Chicago soul with some of the best instrumentation you’ll here from members of Motown’s session team The Funk Brothers.A pitch perfect R&B records, The Drifters (then led by Clyde McPhatter) nailed every note and nuance of "Money Honey."
The Billboard Hot 100 is a record chart that ranks the best-performing singles in the United States.
This 1967 album, with a title that pays tribute to that team, has been reissued as a deluxe two-CD set and includes the No. Perhaps nothing more so than “Search and Destroy,” a aggressive, distorted anthem that continues to influence punk rockers to this day.One of the early substantial, rhythm and blues songs, “Shake, Rattle and Roll” would become an important benchmark for rock and roll in the hands of Bill Haley & His Comets. But Big Joe Turner’s original version has a raw sense of joy to it that was never topped.Written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” ranks among the great (and perfect) pop songs of the early 1960s. We'd love to hear your thoughts in our comments section.Grouped with the impactful album of the same name, The Clash’s most well known song is a scathing political tirade of fist-pumping punk rock. The Supremes original version Background "You Keep Me Hangin' On" was originally recorded in 1966 by the Supremes for the Motown label. Back when an extended mix took the term “extended” seriously! And Steven Tyler’s vocals never sounded more amazing.Get over the fact it was disco and appreciate the Bee Gees “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack for what it was: Brilliant pop music. Don’t Chase Me Around (From The MGM film GAS-S-S-S) 13. Also it’s very strange that Cambodia was a big worldwide hit, but never charted in the US !?! Springfield's voice would become a major influence for the likes of Adele, Amy Winehouse and others.Otis Redding has more iconic songs. Can remember him as DJ at the Heaven nightclub in London during the eighties. “Stayin’ Alive” is a timeless dance number that defies its genre and became even bigger than the movie it was in.Sly & the Family Stone could have just been a great funk band. The song fits well in its 80s update and is one of my favs. Moon; 14. It later ranked as the 34th biggest hit of 1987 on Billboard’s Hot 100 year-end chart that year.

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