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21 marzo 2017

isaiah 40 verse 31 the message

(1.) Whatever we need for the journey or the conflict, for prosperity or for adversity, prayer will obtain it for us (H. E. I. God doesn’t come and go. Some are ardent followers of Christ, but they do not seem to have learned the meaning of that word "patience." 3633-3638).2. And they only wait on him in a proper manner who expect his blessing in the common modes in which he imparts it to men - in the use of those means and efforts which he has appointed, and which he is accustomed to bless. Examples (1Ki 19:20; Mat 4:22; Mat 2:9; H. E. I.
That is the life of multitudes of believers. The wing of faith. 3998-4014). But we know that mind operates on matter directly or indirectly. They think that the world is not to be converted and men saved in the old-fashioned way of preaching the Word of God with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven; but it is to be converted in that way and no other. They will come to life's full cup, for they taste it already. (The spiritual teaching of this verse is, that for all the stages and moods of our life-pilgrimage Heaven’s grace is available and sufficient. In prayer. The carnal professor mounts up only about the time of a communion, or when in some sore affliction, or during a revival, and whenever these seasons are over, he goes down as fast as he went up; but the believer mounts on week-days as well as on Sabbath-days, on ordinary Sabbaths as well as on communion Sabbaths.1. Strength is maintained by constant inflowing from God. Running indicates thorough-going hearty zeal. And so the man who waits for God to do what he ought to do; to save him without using any of the means of grace, will not only be disappointed, but will provoke his displeasure.The Chaldee renders it, ‹They who trust in the Lord shall be gathered from the captivity, and shall increase their strength, and renew their youth as a germ which grows up; upon wings of eagles shall they run and not be fatigued.‘ But whatever may be the truth in regard to the eagle, there is no reason to believe that Isaiah here had any reference to the fact that it moults in its old age. Naturalists tell us that the special power of the eagle is in his wings. Thence the word came to signify patience as opposed to worry and despondency. "They shall run," or march on, "and not be weary." 2. In holy meditation (Psa ; Rom 8:5).

What are some of the methods by which men, in the Divine economy, advance in spiritual impulse, and rise permanently higher? As touching the ground, according to the fable. Both must be recruited by rest and suitable aliment. They shall obtain wings. To report dead links, typos, or html errors or suggestions about making these resources more useful use our convenient They shall mount zap with wings as eagles "They shall put forth fresh feathers like the moulting eagle" - Τουτου συ, βασιλευ, τον πολυν ζωοις βιον,<-144 Αει νεουργων, και κρατυνων την φυσινπThere was a real climax in the prophet’s statement.The highest strength derived from the highest serviceCommentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible“the power of God is made perfect in our weakness.” “Thy youth shall be renewed like that of the eagle.” “While we are troubled on every side, we are not overwhelmed; we are perplexed, but are not in despair; we suffer persecution, but are not forsaken; we are cast down, but are not destroyed.” I.
Not creep or grovel in worldliness, or crouch in bondage to man or devils, but rise above all these baser things into the atmosphere of heaven.

Observe—I. Nothing but vital union and communion with the Lord of life, to feel his presence, taste his love, enjoy his favor, see his glory—nothing but this will ever satisfy the desires of ransomed and regenerated souls. Put yourself into the Lord's hands absolutely. To report dead links, typos, or html errors or suggestions about making these resources more useful use our convenient They shall mount zap with wings as eagles "They shall put forth fresh feathers like the moulting eagle" - Τουτου συ, βασιλευ, τον πολυν ζωοις βιον,<-144 Αει νεουργων, και κρατυνων την φυσινπ Whether the notion of the eagle's renewing his youth is in any degree well founded or not, I need not inquire; it is enough for a poet, whether profane or sacred, to have the authority of popular opinion to support an image introduced for illustration or ornament. The translation of Lowth was derived from file Septuagint, and not from the Hebrew text.

It was as he pursued the ordinary routine of his ministry along the common ways, with the humbling “thorn” ever rankling in his flesh, that he felt the need of and received special succour. Creatures have their rises and their falls, and to us also there must be times when we need to renew our strength. Equally immeasurable is He in the region of intellect.

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