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21 marzo 2017

installing shower in basement on concrete

© 2012 - 2020 Lowe's ®. for the drywall. The best way to install a basement bathroom shower without damaging your floors is to look into an upflush toilet system.

Understanding how to install a bathroom in basement without breaking concrete can be an easy way to alleviate a large chunk of the renovation cost.It is imperative that the space in which you choose to begin this type of renovation coincides with the closest proximity to the existing plumbing fixtures. Toilets have their own trap built in. It is a decision that will most impact how much you will have to spend.

A dedicated electrical outlet must be part of the bathroom plan for this system which will be run directly to the main drain pipe and your home’s ventilation system.For anyone who might consider how to install a bathroom in basement without breaking concrete, there are some other standard considerations: • Before installing a sink, cutting the cap and attaching the drain connector must be completed.• Consider figuring out if you have an outer wall that will allow you to work from behind it for easier access and a faster renovation.• If no outer wall is available, leave a hole large enough to be able to insert one hand to tighten off finalized connections. If you think you see a slight difference, allow the test to run for another 24 hours and then the difference in water level versus chalk lines will be obvious.Install concrete backer board to the walls. No bathroom plumbing system is complete without a vent. Gravity usually isn't on your side when building a basement bathroom. Typically, I go with 2x10's to ensure I have the backing to allow the membrane to rise 9 1/2" up to the wall.Install the pre-slope. If you are installing your bathroom under your first-floor bathroom, you can tie into the existing vent. Using concrete mix, create a 1/4" per foot slope to the shower drain.Waterproof the shower pan. If you haven't installed drywall, add ½ in. See blogger Dans Le Lakehouse’s bathroom renovation ideas and how she’ll build a sliding barn door. Most toilets drain holes need to be centred on the one-foot point from the finished wall. Waterproof the shower pan. It's easy to cut and connect. Backfill with gravel instead, which will not compact. All in all, this is about a 6” elevation for any shower area. Tools, products, materials, techniques, building codes, and local regulations change; therefore, Lowe's assumes no liability for omissions, errors, or the outcome of any project. Since basement ceilings are usually much lower than anywhere in a home, consider the head clearance for the shower based on this typical element of a bathroom renovation in your basement with the addition of the shower elevation.This type of flushing system allows for a direct tie-in to your city’s sewer system. (Better Homes and Gardens magazine agrees – they featured our project in their February 2019 issue!We installed a Sanicompact macerating toilet from Saniflo Canada in our basement bathroom.We talked about all the great reasons for choosing it here. In this way, you will have fewer issues as well as cost with plumbing issues in the long run.Keep in mind that the more elevated the floor is in the area you have designated for the shower, then the better it will be for water drainage. out from the corner on both walls. Installing Tile Directly on Concrete . With so many options available, you are sure to find the size and style of shower pan that fits your bathroom. If you haven't installed drywall, add ½ in. Pre-slope is required in order to allow water collected on the shower membrane to drain into the weep holes of your shower drain assembly. Just don't let the concrete slab trick you into thinking that you don't need to waterproof the shower pan, because you do. So, a higher shower base is needed to encompass this pipe as well as what is called a P-trap that needs to also be a part of the drainage line. However, the first piece, which is anchored into the concrete with 2 1/2-inch masonry screws, must be pressure-treated wood, as it is resting directly against the concrete slab. From there, you can begin to plan the layout including measurements. If not, you will have to get a pipe outside and above grade. Since you are on a concrete slab, you will not know if it leaks unless the water falls below the chalk lines. Mark lines 90 degrees out from those points and where they meet is the location of your shower drain. Use "Deck Mud", which only requires water to be added and is easy to work with. You can stack regular Douglas fir 2x4's on top of the pressure-treated piece and nail them together one by one. You can DIY this base or buy them ready-made. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. There is a standard slope that is an inspection requirement for a drainage system which is ¼” per linear foot of water drainage pipe. inch per foot to ensure proper draining.
Basement slabs are generally thin, so it's not as hard as it sounds. How to Projects Traps are used to stop sewer gases from the drain pipe from coming into your home, so these are essential. All rights reserved.

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