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21 marzo 2017

diablo 12 gauge pistol forum

?In your very first loading of the Diablo, you reversed the over-powder and over-shot wads!Please do not buy this gun….if you don’t know that the powder is always under the bullet, shot, etc. truly worth the wait.

You load it from the front with black powder or a black powder substitute, and whatever projectile you intend to use. I have shot ammo much older than that. There is NO ONE who cares about his rights and the US Constitution more than I, but ‘black rifles’ AKA “assault weapons’ –as ‘the Left’ calls them, should all be promoted by their sellers as “Home Defense Rifles” and “Homeland Defense Rifles” to head off all the verbal dirty tricks and perpetual smears from the leftists as well – for all the same reasons…Ask yourself; Why should any of us with 1/2 a brain be giving linguistic ‘ammo’ to the dirty creeps anyway ?And no, I don’t want to hear all your egocentric bluster and BS like ‘come and get them’ “Molon Labe”.Don’t be so dam cocksure of yourself, bunkie. I love BP guns even for deer hunting. I am still patiently waiting for a modern cartridge adaptation of the stories Lemat revolver... Even with a triple checked by three different people clear and empty weapon I had one or two newby accountant types freak out until I changed the wording. If you want to see how a great deal of the learning experience unfolded, watch the video. I had some surprisingly devastating results when comparing 12 gauge roundball with .45 acp.I'm currently saving up for the chrome version with redwood grips.

The gun locks up really tight, and after over 20 rounds there was almost no burned powder residue in the action.

At 7 yards, which is the average gunfight distance, both the suggested 4 balls of OO buckshot, and 1/2 oz of #8 birdshot bounced off of a piece of plywood, right back at me.

Kentucky Colonels I assume it is good for novelty effect, but how does it compare to a smokeless 12-ga?

I was sent the plastic grips, and it isn’t what I would call an impressive-looking firearm, but hey, very few of you will be buying the Diablo for display lol.At $479 in this configuration, the Diablo is not a cheap gun, but I think very reasonable, and with the wood grips and nickel finish it never reaches above $589. Cowboy Action Shooting & reloading, Smith & Wesson revolvers, Motorcycling You will no longer sign in with your forums username/password.

Id hate to get this, take it to a range and a game warden decides its not legalSomeone made a cool pistol, read, watch , learn by doing some research. I cannot image shot coming out of that (almost) 3/4 inch barrel. Is this something that may be carried in a Cabela’s or such that I can try before I buy.how much an it takes reg 12 ga shells how long to get if orderedYour 1st 3 real targets can be an airplane a chicken and a lawnmower. The packaging and the product both looked amazing. Sounds like ATF would say it's a modern firearm. A .410 could use 44 black powder pistol balls.Is this a good option for ladies? They changed the discription of gun to anything that propels a projectile with compressed gasses.

Thanks in advance.

3 drams is about 85gr of blackpowder, so you see the recommended loading for this double pistol is more like a .410 load. Taking apart the back end is not required on the Diablo, shooting Triple Se7en. Perhaps it is that there is much more room to fill up before the pressure starts to ramp.

Have always wanted a BP shotgun and now I will have one!If it can be used for defense, it will be illegal in New York.Nah nothing significant.

Even though there are some great slow burning powders these days from Hodgdon these days, remember that the way powder companies make money is by getting guns to shoot bullets faster under reasonable pressures. I want one. Black powder, pellet rifles, bb guns , all the same.

Boil in water to soften than form it around the nipple/ lock area. It's  either a handgun or it's a long gun.

Birdman brought this company to my attention so thank you Birdman! My focus was OO buck and #4 buck, and stopped the birdshot after my initial trial, but I think this gun could serve even as an effective short range survival bird gun.

Believe me if it wasn’t for these people we would all be carrying box cutters.A .410 and/or 20 gauge variant would be better for a pistol. break open action. While it is being loaded, you can’t not point it at yourself. Would you know anything that would not make this true? But there is one major difference between a rifle that is loaded from the front and a shotgun that is loaded from the front.With a rifle, you press the bullet, sabot, or ball into the muzzle using a ball-shaped loading tool. Oh, and “Any further questions?” Really? Flash holes are pretty small and the powder has a lot of friction.Actually it is illegal in New York at least to use it.

how about showing some maturity and manners?It’s a MUZZLE LOADER. Diablo 12 Gauge Pistol Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Cop_Out, Feb 23, 2019. As explained in the video, these are my personal experiments that I am documenting for you, not advice as to how to load and shoot the Diablo. Then, they’re a felony.Just received my Diablo! I first tried it shooting long range black powder cartridge rifles (The Sharps, Winchester Highwall, Remington Rolling Block, etc. I shot the Diablo almost 30 times, with just an occasional dry swab every several shots, and there was no buildup whatsoever.

Rule 2. They are pretty, and that seems to be the common comment - would love to also learn they are useful, reliable and accurate shooters. Let me slow down for you for a sec. slingshots and blowguns. If there was a way to beat Triple Se7en safetly (loads explained below), Hodgdon would do it.For simple operation, you can’t make a gun much simpler to use than a muzzleloader, and the Diablo is no different. I know Kentucky’s firearm laws define a firearm to include muzzleloaders for the purpose of state laws.

I’m no fan of the two finger grip decision for this gun, but if you only have two fingers, I would rather have wood.I saw no evidence of pressure problems with my load of 100 grains of Triple Se7en and a one-ounce projectile.

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