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21 marzo 2017

baki kaioh retsu death

and throws his bloody towel at Yujiro only to kick the King in the chest and Yujiro's comments what a sly old man he was and kicks him back. Power Slide as he punches the grond so hard he fires a shockwave powerfull enough to destroy the building. Shyuh: Hah ya really think ya are a big time, kid?! Then Baki had performed the Triceratops Punch against Shyuh as he blocked the attack as he grabbed Baki and then with his Brain Buster he slammed him into the ground as Baki had landed on his feet again. Alicia: His fighting against Yujiro was impressive. Dr. Doom: Sometimes even Shyuh's cockiness had led to his defeat. Not to mention he defeated his half-brother Jack as well. Wiz: I am Wizard and they are Boomstick, Sora, Kin, Alicia Arcturus, Deadpool, Ryuuga Dogai, Zaruba and Dr. Doom. Jiu Jitsu. Retsu Kaioh - being the mentor of Retsu; he has shown a lot of great respect for his teacher even going as far as to avenge his master when Yujiro rips off Ryu Kaioh's face only to be yelled at by Ryu to never insult him saying the match was not over between him and Yujiro. Sora: Not to mention he uses Endorphine ability which increases his fighting abilities and Hanma Blood inherited from his father. Announcer: Holy jumping giblets. He defeated the most powerfull opponents like Pickle, Retsu Kaioh, Kosho Shinogi, Kaoru Hanayama, Atsushi Suedo and a lot of serious opponents including Sikorsky Evans who's hands are powerfull enough to slice a man's face without a scratch. Wiz: These two are the warriors as they powerful enough to fight against any opponent as they fight to the death at their best. Karate.

Good old Shyuh. He is truly disapointed when none of the selected candidates all failed he steps ups and faces the test himself and lectures on to his disciples that the only one who can inherit his name of Kaioh needs to be strong and skillful as he proceeds to punch the stone water tank an escaped Retsu punches the other side of the tank and both waves colide breaking the tank. Hapkido. And then the beam had reached Shyuh thus blasting him completely into the bloody chunks thus Baki had raised his fist in victory as Shyuh was exploded violently as Baki had yelled with his cry as Shyuh's head is now lying on the ground. Announcer: There he is. Yelled Shyuh as he launched twin tornados at Baki as they are about to reach Baki as Baki learned how to copy Neuro energy attacks as Baki blocked them with ease as then Baki had jumped high as he performed his own technique. Alicia: And Kosho Shinogi's cord cutting attack which cuts the nerves of his opponents thus leaving them without their eye sights. Through unknown reasons why Dorian nominates Retsu is still yet to be explained. Shyuh uses martial arts and wrestling to dish out some serious beating. Shyuh enters the ring with his trademark outfit without his mask as the spectators are cheering for him as the announcer had screamed his name as Shyuh had entered the ring via backflips as he just jumped in front of audience thus revealing his handsome face with the x-shaped scar on his face Ryuuga: Plus Baki also held against such powerhouses like Yujiro, Doppo Orochi and of course the mighty Biscuit Oliver. Then Baki had prepared his fighting stance as Shyuh had taken his stance as they begun fighting against each other.

Talk about manly. Now it's time for me to use something little fancy. Why, of all our beloved crazy fighters, did HE have to be the one sacrificed to Musashi. Any martial arts and esoretic ones. Baki strives to surpass his father in order to become stronger. Kin: It is indeed more impressive consider his grandfather Yuichiro can use his foes like a nunchucks which definently is more painful to know. After their return from the lair of Yasha-Zaru, Baki is abducted by Kaioh Retsu. Thus Baki with the smirk on his face had used Enolphin and thus used the Devil's Face technique thus allowing the demon to appear on his back thus allowing Baki to smirk sadistically. Sora: Baki had a lot of fighting experience fighting against unpredictable opponents as Baki copying Neuro Power was a right answer. Sora: Baki is a feat achieving master. Your techniques are improving over the years of your fighting days kid. The combatants are set. He is tough, crazy and cunning. He is bald with a white beard and matching eyebrows his eyes seem to be cross eyed or simply not focusing. Say hello to former member of Dark Holy Empire himself. Sora: Born to Emi Akezawa and The Strongest Creature on Earth Yujiro Hanma and at standing at 167 cm and weighing 71 kg, Baki Hanma is trained by his dad in martial arts.

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