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21 marzo 2017

The Legend of Haolan

She called him selfish.It then came out that she was formerly a legitimate daughter. The story of how a miserable Haolan became the queen of Qin dynasty with the help of the witty Lv Buwei. But his fate is vastly different in the new film.As the Crown Prince of Qin, he has a whopping 27 sons and a legit claim to the throne — he’s even romancing Consort Gao from the previous drama.Some actors are born to play princes — Hong Yao is one of them.Prince Jiao is less devious than Prince He from Yanxi Palace, but his intentions are no less pure when it comes to our female protagonist.This time around, Hao Lan actually does romance the Prince — but only on her terms, as he plays her first love in the Zhao Kingdom.He also becomes a primary antagonist in Legend of Hao Lan, due to his ambitions for the throne.Viewers weren’t fooled by Consort Shu’s porcelain features and sweet smile in Yanxi Palace, as she tried – and failed multiple times – to execute plots to eliminate Wei Yingluo.This time, she plays the half-sister to our female lead in a 3-way love triangle between Prince Jiao and Hao Lan.But the loss of the sisterly love they shared when they were younger, will become a major driving force for her villainous and eventually tragic turn as Xiu Yu.Beautiful, gentle and soft-spoken Noble Consort Yu was a staunch ally of Wei Yingluo in Yanxi Palace.So her dramatic rebirth as a jealous queen’s attendant alongside Hao Lan, promises to unfold in an entertaining way onscreen.Ironically, she’s no longer a noble lady but now a maid’s attendant. Purchased by Lu Bu Wei (Nie Yuan), she is gifted to Ying Yi Ren (Mao Zi Jun) a Qin Royal that is a hostage in the Zhao residence. He willingly chose her younger sister because she is a legitimate daughter. During the Warring States Period, Li Hao Lan (Wu Jin Yan) is forced out of her own home and sold as a slave despite being the daughter of the Public Censor of Zhao.

Hao Lan apparently was so calculating and only worked for herself that in the end she even turned against her own son, who was devoted to her.But seeing that many of our visitors were trying to read our summary and review, we are now going to brave this drama.Hao Lan was told by a younger sister that their father had agreed her marriage to Minister Yu, who was a widower twice over already.Hao Lan was worried because she already had an understanding with Prince Jiao. Title: 皓镧传 / Hao Lan Zhuan English title: The Legend of Haolan, Beauty Haolan Genre: Historical, Politics Episodes: 62 Broadcast network: iQiyi Broadcast period: 2019-Jan-19 Synopsis []. With Jinyan Wu, Yuan Nie, Zijun Mao, Zixin Jiang. Betrayed by her family and her first love, Li Haolan finds herself in desperate circumstances at the start of the series. Donations will go towards our hosting and new content.Let’s do our bit.

When she tries to circumvent this fate by begging her first love, Prince Jiao, ask to marry her, Li Haolan's stepmother, Gao Min, or Will Hao Lan be able to rise to her own success to overcome the adversities in her life? Haolan went to look for her mother who was being forced into a well by a couple of guards.

She accidentally dropped her medicine and was helped by a handsome kindly man. She was on one of this venture when one of the mean girls, friends of Xiu Yu, her sister threw a clay tea mug on her, causing her to fall into the ground with a bleeding head.Her sister quickly runs to her pretending she was so caring.Anyway, Haolan snubbed her but Xiu Yu has an ace card up her sleeves. They desperately want to know how things turned out for Li Haolan and Lü Buwei, but professional English translations for this final scene are currently unavailable. When she turned up, there was someone waiting for her but not the Prince.

The 63 episode drama will release two episodes every Saturday to Tuesday on… Surviving only by chance, Li Haolan crawls back from the brink of death to discover her reputation in tatters, as Gao Min spread the rumor that Li Haolan shamed the family by eloping with a stranger to explain the girl's disappearance.

Details []. She is a charismatic actress.I must admit I did not jump immediately into watching this drama because I had a quick read about Hao Lan, who seemed to be a real historical figure.

The Legend of Hao Lan is a 2019 Chinese Drama.We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage.

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